What We Lend Against

Is there a specific loan amount?

The term ‘art’ covers a very broad range of assets. Here, we offer loans against just about anything that can be classified as art and has market value. Whether you are talking fine art like Rembrandt or hundred years old antiquities, there always a place for you at Art Saves Lives.

We have experts, which allow for an accurate estimation of the market value of your pieces of art, whatever they may be. These experts take into account the historical importance, artists, provenance, uniqueness, and other such factors before coming to a final estimate. The more valuable your piece of art, the higher the loan you can get.

As for antiquities, we have lent against assets that range from different modern chandeliers to bronze sculptures. This should give you an idea as to the range we are talking about.

We work in collaboration with the likes of Right Capital to get accurate estimates and allow you to secure your loan against a wider range than ever. However, we believe that the best way of getting to know is trying out – make use of our online estimator to know whether or not if your asset qualifies.