Our Products

On our website you will come across two different products – personal asset loans and sale advance loans. These products are quite analogous to what you might see with other providers like Money Solutions UK. Both the products are loans taken against artwork, but differ slightly in how they work.

Personal asset loans are simple loans, which require you to keep any piece of art, with market value, as collateral for the period of the loan. The loan is worth a fraction of the market value of your asset. Upon approval, your asset is taken and safely stored in our specialized storage areas. After the loan is repaid and the dues are cleared, it is returned to you. Throughout the loan period, you are required to pay a specific, already agreed upon interest rate payments.

Sale advance loans, on the other hand, are slightly different. Here, you get a loan which, like personal asset loans, is secured against artwork, but prior to the sale of that asset. This sale can either be done through auction or privately. We offer a large percentage of asset’s estimated sale price, which can be as high as 70%. After the sale is successful, after deducting any dues and transaction fees, we give you the amount of the sale.

These two products basically differ in the aspect that while sale advance loans require you to handover the asset to us for its sale, personal asset loans involve merely keeping it as collateral. With personal asset loans, at the end of the loan period, your collateral is returned to you. However, since with sale advance loans your intention is to have the asset sold, this is not the case. Both these products are easily to get, hassle-free, and without any hidden terms or costs. You get what you see.