About Us

We are Art Saves Lives, the place where getting loan is as easy as thinking about getting one. No arduous processes, no heaps of paper work – but, a simple procedure to follow and the money is yours in a flash. At Art Saves Lives, we offer you special loans that are secured against your artwork. We accept a wide range of artwork, which can range from delicate antiquities to pieces of modern day art, allowing you ample room to choose which artwork to get a loan against.

We are a team dedicated to getting you the best loans, with rates that put a smile on your face. We are a team that actually cares about you, a team that considers your interests and incorporate it in decision making. Here, we make relationships and ensure that they thrive. Art Saves Lives, as it name suggests, is more than about just profit. We are about you, we are about your needs. This is what makes us special, this is why you are in the right place.