Welcome to Art Saves Lives, a place which allows you to get loans using things you find in your drawing rooms. From very simple paintings to the very precious antiquities, we allow you to get loans on just about anything.

Our motto? To serve you the best deals and value loyalty above everything else. We intend on creating relationships with our clients and thus, offer unmatchable service from the moment you ponder about getting a loan to the moment you have repaid it.

What exactly are we offering?

You must have come across different types of loans that allow you to keep different assets of yours as security. Usually these loans are limited to a particular type of asset. Take for example JustLogbookLoan.uk, which is a logbook loan site dedicated to getting you loans against your cars. Similarly, there is Ask Finance, which offers you homeowner’s loans, which as the name suggests are loans taken against houses.

At Art Saves Lives, we offer something different. Here, we allow you get access to a wide range of loans against artwork. From the very precious artifacts, to creative paintings, there is a wide range of artwork that we accept. So, if you have a beautiful painting handing on your wall, it is time it becomes your path to a loan.

How does it all work?

If you have gathered enough information about the loan and are positive about moving ahead with it, all you have to do is let us know. You may apply online or just simply give us a call.

Next, you will either ship us or simply drop-off your asset to us, which would allow us to determine whether or not your asset qualifies, and if it does, how much show it be valued at. Assuming all things go well, after we have had our experts valued your asset, we will get back to you with a proposal, with all the relevant details.

Here, you reserve the right to reject the offer and get back your asset. However, if you do choose to go ahead and accept our offer, we ensure that there are no delays and thus, wire you your money immediately.

Through your loan duration, we are always here to listen to your queries and help you out with whatever we can. Once the loan is repaid and dues are all cleared, we safely return you your asset and hope to see you again.

How much money can I get?

Unlike many other loans, the loans you get at Art Saves Lives are extremely flexible. What we mean to say is that on one hand, there are loans that are small enough to pay for your utilities, while on the other hand, there are also those who can allow you to buy a new luxury car. So what really is the secret behind this variation, right?
The fact that your loan is given against the asset you choose to pledge as collateral means that you can expect a wide range of variation in the amount of loan you get. Based on the market value of the asset you decide to get the loan against, we choose how much money to offer you. Thus, if your asset is highly precious, you are likely to enjoy a much larger loan than otherwise.

Just like Prestige Pawnbrokers, we have experts who specialize in valuation of different assets and thus, you should not worry about getting an accurate estimate of your asset’s market value.

Why Art Saves Lives?

You might be convinced as to which loan you really want but if you are still undecided as to where to get it from, we make our case here. Leading by our motto of serving you best, we put our aims before profitability. These aims involve getting you the very best of loans, at the most affordable rates, while being of assistance throughout the loan period. What this means is that with Art Saves Lives, you are not just getting a loan, but an entire package. A package that includes a team that actually cares for your well-being and will not just vanish after you have gotten the loan but stay by your side until you have repaid your loan and beyond. We have stood by our customers for years and have established long-term relationships, which were based on unification of mutual interests. Therefore, if you need a loan that is without any hidden costs or terms, and a lender who is on YOUR side, there is no place else you’d rather be.